Sell Jewellery- Successful Methods from Ancient to Present

Published: 02nd May 2012
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So many people accumulate jewellery over the years and wish to sell their jewellery but do not know how to.

Let’s look at gold itself. The price of gold worldwide has steadily been increasing especially over the last 3 years. Because gold can be traded internationally, people worldwide look at gold as a solid investment especially when times are tough such as the Global Financial Crisis of 2008.

What this has resulted in is many instant pop-up “cash-for-gold" kiosks that have opened in such places as shopping centres.

A place such as this will buy the gold jewellery on a scrap gold price. While there is nothing at all wrong with this method and approach, these places do not on-sell the jewellery, rather it simply gets melted down.

The advantage of selling jewellery this way, is that the gold is simply placed on a scale, weighed and the gold price given, the money handed over and all done resulting in a quick way to sell jewellery. While this is all fine, the thought of a wonderful antique necklace will be melted down and lost forever is a shame.It must be stressed that there is nothing wrong with a place such as this, rather if it is an antique piece of jewellery there may be other ways to obtain a higher price.

Auction is another avenue for people to take to sell their jewellery. This includes both a "bricks-and-mortar" auction house as well as on-line internet sites.

On-line auction sites mostly follow a 'do-it-yourself" approach where the owner of the jewellery takes the imagesof the jewellery, uploads it to the site, adds the description and lets the site do the rest.

In a physical auction house, this is done by the auction themselves and usually published in an auction catalogue, on-line catalogue or both.

Be mindful of how much the commission rate is as some auctions can charge up to and over 25% of the selling amount. There is nothing at all wrong with this as auctions are businesses who wish to make money and many of the places that charge more will go the extra step in presenting your jewellery in the best possible way including professional high quality photos taken, a wonderful catalogue, as well as displaying the images on-line with more and more auction houses allowing the ability to bid "live" on-line from anywhere in the world.

Catalogues, a professional photographer, a good website with on-line bidding capacity and advertising all costs money, so don't be daunted by a high commission rate if the auction house presents your jewellery beautifully. All of this work may result in a higher price achieved for your jewellery over another auction house that charges less, but gets you less in the sale.

One thing with selling at auction is that it will take a few weeks from start until finish until you receive the money.

Then there is selling your jewellery to a traditional "bricks and mortar" store.

There will be advantages and disadvantages of selling your gold jewellery this way.

The main advantage is that a store will normally buy the jewellery in view to sell it later resulting in a higher price paid for the piece over simply selling scrap gold.

A disadvantage is that a store may not always buy everything offered for sale. For example someone who has several items offered for sale and may include broken pieces of jewellery, 2 antique rings, 3 Omega watches, and some costume jewellery.

Some stores may be selective and only interested in 1 of the antique rings, 2 of the watches and none of the broken pieces or costume jewellery resulting in a very good price paid for the items wanted, but leaving you with items left over.

This is where an auction may be a good avenue as they will often accept everything to sell, or sell some items to a jewellery store then simply auction the rest.

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